These terms apply to the relationship between you as the customer/visitor and Leadtality AS (owner of leadtality.com), and they govern the use of our products and content, whether free or paid.

The purpose of this agreement is to establish clear and safe guidelines for ordering and using both free and paid resources, to reduce the possibility of misunderstandings, and to lay the foundation for a good collaboration between us.

The agreement consists of these terms, as well as the information you have received when ordering, and is supplemented by applicable laws at all times.

If you have questions regarding this document, please contact us by email at[email protected].

By making a purchase, you confirm that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms of this agreement.

Parties to the Agreement The seller is Leadtality AS, Løveåsen 7, 3280 Tjodalyng, Norway, organization number: 931037153 (hereafter referred to as the seller).

The buyer is the person making the order (hereafter referred to as the buyer), whether it's for free or paid products and services.

The Products
Leadtality AS offers products in coaching services, lectures and workshops, online courses, mentor programs, member portals, and digital services. In addition, the seller may offer free digital products such as templates, mini-courses, workshops, and webinars. This list may change continuously.

Leadtality AS commits to delivering products and services according to the agreed product. Leadtality AS bears no responsibility for the results the buyer achieves by following/using the products.

The buyer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the terms and what the products and services contain.

The buyer is responsible for acquiring the knowledge and applying it in practice.

When you purchase or download products from Leadtality AS, you are only allowed to use this content personally. Under no circumstances is it allowed to use the products for any other purpose.

It is prohibited to resell, copy, forward, or otherwise distribute our products, whether paid or unpaid.

By accepting these terms, you agree to compensate us for any obligations, claims, expenses, actions, costs, damages, or losses arising as a result of breaching these terms.

You also agree not to use our content and products in a way that could harm our company or our reputation.

The products and content, whether altered or not, and all intellectual property and copyright related to them, belong to us and will always be our exclusive property.

You agree that under no circumstances will you attempt to claim ownership of materials produced by us or attempt to claim copyright for our products and content.

As a buyer, you understand that Leadtality AS or other related parties do not assume responsibility for the suitability of the product/program for you and your growth, or for changes in your turnover, revenue, or expenses as a result of your use or non-use of our tools and methods. We offer no guarantees for growth or success.

Prices and Payment
Prices are listed on the sales page and may change.

Payments are made through the Stripe payment solution.

Duration and Termination Duration
Coaching hours and delivery must be used within six months from the order date. The exception is if a written agreement has been entered into with a specific start date. 

Unused hours will not be refunded.

Leadtality AS operates with one month's notice for subscription services.

The notice period applies from the first day of the month after the notice is received.

If the termination is submitted within a binding period, the remaining binding time will be completed. The agreement will then terminate at the end of the binding period, but with at least one month's notice.

For products without a subscription, there is no notice period. Only one-time payment and installment.

Right of Withdrawal and Warranty
The usual right of withdrawal and a 14-day cooling-off period from the time of purchase apply to you as a consumer buyer. To use the right of withdrawal, you can send an email to [email protected], and your access will be removed immediately.

The right of withdrawal does not apply to business customers and coaching services that have started.

Leadtality AS offers no guarantees for results when using our services.

In the event of a breach of the terms of this agreement, Leadtality AS has the right to remove all access to products and services immediately, without further notice. The seller may claim compensation for any losses the customer has caused the company.

Terms of Use
All content and products offered by Leadtality AS are fully protected by copyright. As a buyer, it is not allowed to use the membership, material, or parts of the product in a way that violates the company's rights or that is not approved by the company. It is therefore not allowed to give away, share, or resell the products or content.

Information that is publicly available can be freely shared by the buyer.



All training and physical activity offered through Spark Training and benedicteyven.com is undertaken at your own risk. You should always consult with a doctor or other qualified health professional before starting a new exercise program, especially if you have existing health issues or concerns. I, Benedicte Yven, and Leadtality AS are not responsible for any injuries, health problems, or other issues that may arise from participating in the training sessions or using the information and resources provided.


I am not an employee or representative of Kajabi, LLC, and do not represent their interests. Kajabi has not approved my products or services. As an independent Kajabi partner, I receive commissions for referrals to Kajabi. All views I express are personal and do not constitute official statements from Kajabi or any affiliated party.

Participation in the seller's programs means that you may receive information about Leadtality, and others' personal matters. This is strictly prohibited to share further, and you have a confidentiality obligation about this.

Of course, there is no confidentiality about your personal experiences and results.

Leadtality AS is free to change the sales terms. The latest version is always updated on the website.

Dispute Resolution
If disagreements, dissatisfaction, or ambiguity arise, we ask that you contact us directly. Both parties commit to addressing the situation in a constructive manner as soon as possible.

Both parties commit to resolving any disagreements, misunderstandings, and conflicts, at the lowest possible level between them.

If the dispute is not resolved through negotiations or mediation, any disagreements or disputes related to this agreement may be brought before the Conciliation Board in Larvik, Norway.

Company: Leadtality AS
Address: Løveåsen 7, 3280 Tjodalyng, Norway
Organization Number: 931037153
Contact Person: Benedicte Yven
Email: [email protected].

Last changed: 28.05.2024.